Jonathan Coulton Mini Concert

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I’ve been a Jonathan Coulton fan for quite a while now (but for some reason have not shared that bit with you before… odd). If you haven’t heard of Jonathan, he is a geek rock icon who you may have heard on NPR or in various other media venues because of thing-a-week project in which he wrote, recorded and shared a song a week via the internet for an entire year. You can hear all of the songs at Jonathan’s website.

Anyway, Jonathan is out on tour, and a friend of a friend captured some great footage of the show a couple of days ago. We’ll start with a little First of May, which I should add is N.S.F.W. , then a cover of the 90’s classic “Baby Got Back”. From there we’ll finish with two of his most popular songs, “RE: Your Brains” and “Code Monkey”. Enjoy!

First of May (NSFW)

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Emergency and Disaster Planning

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Has your husband or wife ever said… “You know we really ought to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. Hmmm… what do you think we’d need?”

Well, pretty much all of the answers you could want can be found at the site 72 Hours. They have broken down all the major emergencies and disasters you can think of and designed a site that will help you prepare for any of them. From what to put in a “go bag” to what to stock up on and where to store it all.

It’s a very simple design with a lot of great information, and it’s easy to read. Whether you are preparing for the apocolypse or just being smart, you should check out this site.

Visit 72 Hours

Winters Wet Arrival

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As I went to bed last night, I was anticipating waking up to a bit of ice on the driveway since the weatherman had mentioned a warm front moving into the region overnight. When I woke up this morning it came as a nice surprise to find a light coating of wet snow. What was still falling from the skies was somewhaere between slush and rain, but it wasn’t melting the ground cover so it must have been pretty chilly out there.

As the day has progressed I’ve heard a couple of stories of cars off the roads and warnings that all the rain and semi melted snow will be re-freezing after sundown tonight. With that in mind, K and I are off to load up on salt and sand for the driveway this evening. I know that winter doesn’t really start for a good month or so yet, but for me the season is here now.

Like it or not, once the weather stops cooperating and the holiday commercials start showing children playing in snow and unwrapping presents, you can’t help but embrace Winter’s arrival. Another sign that fall was over was when Starbucks told me that there would be no more Carmel Apple Ciders this year. (grumble… grumble… grumble…). It’s now time for Eggnog Latte’s and Peppermint Mochas, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. In fact maybe I’ll get one on my way home from Lowes tonight.

Now to finish up my Holiday CD before K and Anna get here to pick me up…

Writers Speak Out

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Culinary Yearning: Ravenous

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Ravenous is a small (understatement) family owned and operated crepe restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York. They specialize in a wide variety of both sweet and savory crepes and are lauded for their incredible Belgian fries (pictured below). The fries in particular hold a special place on my favorite foods list. They are twice fried in peanut oil, lightly salted and served with your choice of side sauces. My personal favorite is the creamy Teriyaki Mayo sauce, but you can get it with anything from Bleu Cheese, to Aioli, or even Horse Radish Mayo and many more. They all go fantastically with the selection of lemonades, teas, coffee drinks, bottled hard ciders and wines.

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Kindle(ing) Interest in E-Books

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As you may have seen over the weekend, has launched it’s new E-Book reader+, Kindle, and a free online service for the device. For most like myself, the initial reaction was a resounding “Whoopdie doo! Yet another device slated for the slag heap or perhaps we could just use it as kindling (pun intended) .” Well, our initial reaction may have been wrong.

It seems that we may finally have a useful device on our hands. The Kindle has the opportunity to succeed where other E-Book Readers have failed. Not only does it have the content you are looking for (100 out of the 112 books on the NY Times Bestseller List), but it also has subscriptions available to several major magazines and some of the biggest newspapers here in the US. Full content book (including illustrations) are downloadable in under a minute from a browser built into the unit.
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Wanna Touch my Puppet?

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Ok, so I have no idea how I missed the whole Avenue Q phenomena. I was busy putting together a post here on funny animated shorts from YouTube (which I still will eventually post), when I stumbled over a slew of musical animations to a song called, of all things, The Internet is for Porn. The sheer volume of them told me that I had to check it out. The song has a distinctly Sesame Street sound, but an overwhelmingly adult theme. Porn!

After watching a few of these videos and marveling at the skill with which non video professionals are editing stock footage, I jumped online to research the group responsible for the song. Little did I know that I had stumbled onto a gem. This troupe known as Avenue Q, does exactly what I imagined when first hearing the song, though I had no idea that they did it so well. They are a Tony Award winning cast that has performed their repetoire of songs on Broadway and around the US.

The stage show is a Sesame Street style puppet show that follows the lives of a group of 20 to 30 something characters (puppets and live actors) living on a run down street in an outer borough of NYC, and the problems of adult life. Not only is the show still running on Broadway, but the show is actually the 30th longest running musical on Broadway. I have to see this. (Jessica, if you are reading this, K and I may need to crash on your couch sometime in the next year or so)

Anyway, to give you a sample of what caught my attention, here’s a video of an Avenue Q performance at the 58th Tony Awards ceremony as well as a one of my favorite YouTube re-edits using the Avenue Q song “The Internet is For Porn”.

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