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Ok, so I’ve been devouring the Dresden Files. What? That goofy ass tv show on the Sci-fi network? No. Though god help me, I did watch several episodes and am considering a suit for unlawful imprisonment, I was so shocked at how they butchered it that I couldn’t get out of my chair. I’m talking about the incredibly enjoyable series of novels on which that sci-fi network aberration was based upon.

With the Dresden Files, Jim Butcher has created a fantastic series of novels that combine the worlds of High Fantasy and Modern Monster Mysteries in a Pulp Detective setting with impeccable Film Noir sensibilities. Some have even said that it is what you might expect if Harry Potter grew up to be an Auror, I would add that Harry has somehow been merged with Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe. Quasi-latin phrases, wands, staves and potions are all key elements of this magical setting and, more interestingly, they are delicately balanced with chivalrous chauvinism and wise cracking hard boiled attitudes all set in modern day Chicago.

I started the series about 3 months ago and have since voraciously devoured 9 of the 10 novels in the series to date. Much to my wifes lament as it is another stack of paperbacks which now have no home and are just piling up on my nightstand. The series starts off a little slow, but the over arching plot begins to really take shape about 3 books in. It has a somewhat Buffy feel to it as well, with a mix of supernatural sidekicks that wander in and out of the books, showing up in times of need or  better yet, when least expected. Oh and speaking of Buffy, the audiobook presentations of The Dresden Files are read by none other than James Marsters himself, Spike for those of you who could care less about an actors name.

I highly reccomend picking this series up if you have a long subway ride in the mornings, some free time in the afternoons, or even ifyou just enjoy a little hard boiled wizarding action before bed time. Everyone needs a wise ass in their literature, and Dresden is sure to be mine for at least one more book.

Jim Butchers Web Site Jim Butcher


~ by David on May 12, 2008.

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