Jonathan Coulton Mini Concert

I’ve been a Jonathan Coulton fan for quite a while now (but for some reason have not shared that bit with you before… odd). If you haven’t heard of Jonathan, he is a geek rock icon who you may have heard on NPR or in various other media venues because of thing-a-week project in which he wrote, recorded and shared a song a week via the internet for an entire year. You can hear all of the songs at Jonathan’s website.

Anyway, Jonathan is out on tour, and a friend of a friend captured some great footage of the show a couple of days ago. We’ll start with a little First of May, which I should add is N.S.F.W. , then a cover of the 90’s classic “Baby Got Back”. From there we’ll finish with two of his most popular songs, “RE: Your Brains” and “Code Monkey”. Enjoy!

First of May (NSFW)

RE: Your Brains

Baby Got Back (Kinda NSFW)

Code Monkey

~ by David on May 2, 2008.

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