Winters Wet Arrival

As I went to bed last night, I was anticipating waking up to a bit of ice on the driveway since the weatherman had mentioned a warm front moving into the region overnight. When I woke up this morning it came as a nice surprise to find a light coating of wet snow. What was still falling from the skies was somewhaere between slush and rain, but it wasn’t melting the ground cover so it must have been pretty chilly out there.

As the day has progressed I’ve heard a couple of stories of cars off the roads and warnings that all the rain and semi melted snow will be re-freezing after sundown tonight. With that in mind, K and I are off to load up on salt and sand for the driveway this evening. I know that winter doesn’t really start for a good month or so yet, but for me the season is here now.

Like it or not, once the weather stops cooperating and the holiday commercials start showing children playing in snow and unwrapping presents, you can’t help but embrace Winter’s arrival. Another sign that fall was over was when Starbucks told me that there would be no more Carmel Apple Ciders this year. (grumble… grumble… grumble…). It’s now time for Eggnog Latte’s and Peppermint Mochas, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. In fact maybe I’ll get one on my way home from Lowes tonight.

Now to finish up my Holiday CD before K and Anna get here to pick me up…


~ by David on November 27, 2007.

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