Gorilla Writers

As anyone who follows the news, or perhaps even just pretends to follow the news, should by now know that hollywood writers are on strike seeking a better contract to deal with the new age of dvd sales, online content and digital downloads pertaining to their intellectual property.

Well the writers have decided to start using some back channel guerilla tactics to enlighten the public to their plight. Most notably is the video that hit YouTube yesterday from one of the writers of the Daily Show (currently on hiatus due to the strike), Jason Ross. The video brilliantly portrays the recockulousness (yes I used it) of Viacoms stand in this fight. Check it out.

[Video after the jump] 

[Via: Gizmodo:Defamer]


~ by David on November 16, 2007.

One Response to “Gorilla Writers”

  1. The WGA and AMPTP are going to find out that the public at large won’t care what happens to either side. Sure, after a few weeks of reruns people will gripe and then they will figure out other things to do without having new TV shows and movies. Gee, families may have to revert to life without a tv. THAT WILL BE GREAT. Good luck finding jobs when people turn you off. The whole industry is expendable, you simply haven’t figured that out but will realize it shortly. Walmart may be hiring 🙂 Merry Xmas.

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