A Forray into the Abyss

In 1998 I was working as an intern at Popular Front Studios in Minneapolis, when the lead videographer Annie asked me if I’d be interested in assisting with a music video shoot in Milwaukee, WI on Halloween. I had never worked in video before, and jumped at the chance. The shoot was to be done on stage at a venue in Milwaukee that was hosting MetalFest XII. It was certainly not my type of music, though for a short time in high school I did enjoy Metallica and Megadeth, but what teenager didn’t in the 90’s. The Video was for King Diamond and the newly re-formed Mercyful Fate.

Anyway, I still had the ripped jeans and the black tee shirts that I wore through the “metal” phase of my life, so I happily donned them and we took a nice October drive to Milwaukee. It wasn’t at all the cesspit that I had heard about, though it wasn’t the cleanest city either, by a long shot. The video shoot went quite well, and I got to meet some, what I was later told were, legendary musicians.

The most enjoyable aspect of the trip for me came after the video shoot, when I was able to use my press pass to move freely about the venue and got defferential treetment from the crowd. To get the low angles that I wanted, I had to lay on the floor. Surprisingly even in the middle of a headbanging mosh pit I was avoided and even protected by some of the fans. It was a rush and quite incredible.

In the end it turned out that the 1600 ISO film I was using wasn’t quite fast enough, but I think I captured some pretty interesting images anyway.

[Images after the Jump]

© 1998, Digital Halide Productions

© 1998, Digital Halide Productions

© 1998, Digital Halide Productions

© 1998, Digital Halide Productions


~ by David on November 13, 2007.

One Response to “A Forray into the Abyss”

  1. Those are some kewl photos. I was into King Diamond/Mercyful Fate for a while… and I still like Megadeth, and some of the older Metallica stuff. Their new stuff, not so much. 😛

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