The Sorry State of CSI

It seems that CSI:NY has taken that long and sad plunge off the cliff of crap TV, just as it’s older misfit sibling CSI:Miami did some years ago.No longer are we to be entertained by interesting plots and science amalgamated from real world headlines. Instead we have entered a juvinile utopia in which we toy with the ideas of time travel and online metaverses while chasing superspies through the city in cars that heal their own dents. No longer can we enjoy the science, we are to be subjected to pseudo science and hour long commercials for video game communities. S A D !

 I don’t know if the producers hired a twelve year old as head writer or if the network execs have handed down a proclimation that CSI:NY is now to be the night time home for the adolescent basement dweller demographic, but this is ridiculous. Now as someone who once was a comic book loving geek, I could have handled one or two well spaced “nerdisodes” but this season, culminating with the Second Life episode, have offended my sensibilities deeply.

I would have actually left the program effective today if it weren’t for the fact that the overarching plot involving Gary Sineses character actually has me vaguely curious. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, please send complaint letters to CBS because they are ruining a once enjoyable series.


~ by David on October 31, 2007.

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