Dumbledore Outed by Rowling

The sound of sharp inhalations are being heard around the world this morning as parents and avid Potter fans hear the news. It seems that during an innocent audience Q&A at Carnegie Hall last night, J.K. Rowling dropped a bombshell. Albus Dumbledore, beloved Head Master and wizarding world icon, was gay.Now this was an oft whispered rumor around the chat rooms, bulletin boards and fan fiction sites, but this clarification is sure to ruffle some feathers amongst the already anti-Potter conservative Christian community and may even wrinkle some noses in some not-so-open-minded countries overseas. As for me, I could care less where Dumbledore found love. It just adds a little more clarification as to who he was and why he made some of the choices revealed in the final Potter book.

Hold on to your hats though folks. The already filthy minded fan fic folks are sure to turn out some seriously depraved “literature” with this revelation fresh in their minds eye.

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~ by David on October 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Dumbledore Outed by Rowling”

  1. Why on earth would she bring that up now? It seems insane to me that you even have to “discuss” the sexual preference of a children’s fictional character. This is one of the biggest problems in world society now. I’m pretty annoyed now LOL. I have a feeling this is more about J.K. getting some coverage for her new detective novel she’s writing.

    I have nothing against someone being gay. I have several gay friends and my younger brother is gay. I just think the fact that people (gay or straight) feel it’s necessary to share that part of them ALL the time is just fucking old.

  2. Well Rowling was asked by a girl if Dumbledore ever found love. To answer the question she needed to explain that Dumbledore was gay, because his relationship with Grindlewald as a young man was his “great tragedy”. It seems due to the pain of this relationship he never persued love again.

    I really don’t think this was a publicity stunt. I think she just wanted to answer the girl’s question. It isn’t like this is something she made up on the spot. During the reading of the script for one of the Harry Potter movies she came across a line that had to do with Dumbledore talking about an old flame (a female). She slipped a note to the director correcting him on Dumbledor’s sexuality, so that the line would be removed and the character would remain true to her creation.

    I believe she had this in her mind from the get go and since this girl asked her about Dumbledore’s love life she told the truth.

  3. I guess the way I see it, it is an unimportant part of a children’s story. Why it even matters still makes little sense to me. To me it is similar to a child asking what size penis Harry has. Is it really relative to the story and why would she NEED to answer so completely? LOL

    Even if she didn’t make it up on the spot, the whole idea of sexual preference seems unimportant and in this case abit over the top. I imagine fandom is aflame (pun intended) with slash fic.

  4. I have to come down on the side of “there’s nothing wrong with it…”

    Generally speaking, I do think sex is better left out of children’s stories. It doesn’t matter whether a Smurf is straight or gay, or tele-tubbies… sex just isn’t part of the story or the world that these sorts of characters live in. However Harry Potter isn’t *really* a “children’s story,” I’d classify it more as “young adult,” and the amount of sexuality in it is right about on-par for that age level, I’d say.

    There was plenty of “light” non-graphic heterosexual romance between characters. Harry making out with Ginny, people “liking” each other all through all the books. Revealing that Dumbledore’s love interest was Grindelwald shouldn’t suddenly be “bad” just because he was of the same gender.

    It’s not like it was just thrown in there for the hell of it either, or to make a point about sexuality… In the books Rowling didn’t mention it or express any opinions about homosexuality or any of the issues surrounding it. Dumbledore’s sexual orientation was specified only because it was important to character development and his motivations for some of his decisions.

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