How To Keep A Bionic Woman Alive

A fully armed swat team runs past bodies down what seems to be a blood spattered underground corridor and bursts through a set of hospital doors. There, crouched in the shadows of a bloody corpse is a scarred looking blonde in a hospital gown. She turns to them. “I didn’t mean to do it….” she says through clenched jaw and tears “I know” says the lead agent. She whimpers pleadingly back to him “Tell me you love me“. There’s a pause and then with an anguished roar she launches herself savagely at them, seemingly flying through the air. The lead agent shoots her, dead center in the forehead and she falls to the floor, slack.A brilliant opening scene, one that grabbed my attention and sent a quick shiver down my spine. So many questions. Now then, if only the rest of the series had that same magic. The Bionic Woman, a remake of a kitsch 70’s classic (which I must admit I have never seen). The series stars Michelle Ryan as Jamie Sommers a struggling bartender trying to raise her rebellious kid sister. The series hints at a ton of plot hooks, and you can’t help but be curious as to where this is going. Unfortunately there is something of a disconnect, at least for me, with the main character.

I don’t know if it’s her attitude or her somewhat sullen demenor. Something just doesn’t work for me. Perhaps she just needs a sense of humor. After two episodes I’m not feeling the love, and it seems that the rest of the viewing audience is feeling the same as the show suffered a 26% drop in ratings after the premiere episode.

In conclusion I think the best solution for the show is to take a cue from shows like Buffy and Alias and upgrade their writing talent, adding in more humor, more sexiness and better fight sequences. Hyping up the tech/gadget angle couldn’t hurt either.

(EDIT: So after the third episode I am feeling a bit of an up-tick in the direction of the show. More wit, better fighting and better dialog. We’ll have to see where it goes from here.)


~ by David on October 17, 2007.

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