Golden Delicious Question Jars

The funky word worker, raconteur and “small rock” icon Mike Doughty not only is touring the country answering the most personal and quirky questions you can muster, he also has a new album coming down the pipeline.

The Question Jar Tour is Mike’s latest venue for his personal “small rock” style show. Accompanied by Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, not only is Mike taking requests on this tour, he is asking his fans to drop questions into a jar before each show and as he draws them, he’s answering them. “No question too weird, no topic taboo”. He will also be road testing material from his upcoming album Golden Delicious. The album is, according to Mike and ATO records, “finished, done, complete and going to be out in early 2008!” So get yourself ready for the melange of “Scrap’s” thumping upright bass and Mike’s sometimes edgy, sometimes mellifluous elocution.

[Via: Paste Magazine]
[Mike Doughty]
[ATO Records]
[Tour Dates]


~ by David on October 11, 2007.

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