A Taste of Zen

“When you wash the rice, wash the rice, when you cut the carrots, cut the carrots, when you stir the soup, stir the soup.” This is the advice that Zen priest Suzuki Roshi gave when a young chef Edward Espe Brown asked for some advice. Brown, now an ordained priest and Master Chef, is the subject of the latest documentary from acclaimed German director Doris Dörrie (Men, Enlightenment Guaranteed and Naked).

Dörrie has yet again entered the philisophical and existential realm with her latest movie How to Cook Your Life. The documentary follows Chef Brown (author of Tassajara Bread Book) around the world as he visits various Buddhist institutions including Austria’s Scheibbs Buddhist Center,  the San Francisco Zen Center and the Tassajara Mountain Center in Carmel California. In each venue we watch him and learn not only how to mindfully prepare our food and integrate Zen philosophy into the kitchen, but also how to find meaning in our lives.

[Official Site (Translated)]
Release Date: October 26, 2007

— Trailer after the Jump


~ by David on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “A Taste of Zen”

  1. “How to cook your life”. The title itself appears to be very interesting. Hope I will watch this movie soon.

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