The Contemplative Crow

I’m with the folks over at Rolling Stone magazine when they say that most folks can agree that the 1993 Counting Crows album August and Everything After “is a modern classic”. In my opinion, the follow up albums (Recovering the Satellites, Hard Candy and This Desert Life) are no slow ponies either. That said, it’s been 5 hard years of waiting for all of us Counting Crows fans, tided over with some live albums and some singles on assorted movie soundtracks.

Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Crows has dealt with some serious bouts of depression which, for him, pretty much cripples his song writing. The good news is that Adam has finally found a combination of medications that are helping him deal with his “mental illness”. This has seemingly opened the flood gates. On November 6th, the Counting Crows new double album Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings will be hitting stores.

(EDIT: The [wikipedia entry] for the album sheds some doubt on the stated release date, and uk based [] has the album now listed as going on sale Jan.28 2008.)

As usual, Duritz has drawn strongly on his life and experiences for his songs. From the sounds of the interviews I’ve heard and read, it seems that the first album will cover the seedy side of life, “sin, dissolution, eventually madness” while the second album will be not so much about redemption, but more about having to cope with what his life has been and the things he’s let himself descend to. It seems to me that this contemplation of life and fame that Duritz entertains us with time and again, is a serious form of therapy for him.

This double album should be interesting to watch unfold. Seeing the degredation of man through celebrity, and the reconciliaton of humanity with that fame, all the while shaped not only by the band and their mood, but by a different producer for each album (one in NY the other back in their hometown of Berkeley, CA).

All I know for sure is that I am jonesing (no pun intended) for some new music from my favorite artists, and I am dead tired of live albums and bootleg b-sides holding me over. I have a feeling that the Crows won’t let me down in the slightest this time.

[Rolling Stone Article]
[Counting Crows Site]

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Adam Duritz Interview

~ by David on October 6, 2007.

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