Self Imposed Exile

So here I sit in a self imposed exile. Locked away with a nasty case of strep throat leaving my wonderful wife to take care of the baby while I wait for my penicillin to kick in so that I am no longer contagious. Life in exile is rough. I ache from laying in bed so much and the liquid diet thing is killing me. Every time I move I start to sweat. And so it is to be human I suppose. So no complaining. There has been some good to come out of the situation as well.I have mostly turned toward television to rebuff the boredom. Unfortuantely, the state of day time television is dreary to say the least. Soon I turned to the internet and played around with the new [Joost] service (interesting if a bit bogged down. Not much better than most streaming media online. Buffering….Buffering….Buffering… More on Joost in a later post). Eventually I stopped in and read some blogs and was pleased to stumble across a gem of a post over at [teh.awful], I’ve never read anything from there before, but sometimes reading your tag wire can unearth a surprise or two.

Just as the fellow in the mentioned post, I had steered clear of the “watch now” feature on [Netflix] since trying it at the initial launch, but on his recommendation I decided to give it another shot. There is a ton of new content up there and they even had some of the BBC America shows I have been wanting to check out/catch up on. Particularly the show MI-5. The quality of their player is incredible as well. Not a “buffering” notice to be seen, and the video is very high quality even at full screen resolution. If you already subscribe to Netflix, you absolutely must try it out (unless you are on a dial-up conection, in which case… gah!) if you don’t currently subscribe, do yourself a favor and get a subscription. The “watch it now” feature alone is worth the money.


~ by David on October 4, 2007.

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