Exiled with Spies

As I said in my previous post, self imposed exile has been a bit of a drag over the past two days, but yesterday afternoon Netflix brightened my day and set me on a bit of a television marathon. So here I sit, steeped in tea enjoying the drama of Her Majesty’s secret service in MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5).The show, known as [MI-5] in the US and Canada or [Spooks] as it is known in Britain, has run for 5 seasons so far and is due to start it’s 6th season on 16th October acording to BBC.

If you are a fan of American action dramas such as [NCIS], [24] or (the sadly finished) [Alias], then this show is certainly for you. No longer is the BBC drifting along as a stodgy old timers network. With shows like MI-5, [Jekyll], [Torchwood] and [Robin Hood], the BBC is appealing to younger audiences world wide.

Like 24 here in the US, MI-5 plays up the constant war on terrorist organizations and dramatizesthe lives of those serving to protect their country. Even more so though, MI-5 shows the seedier side of espionage and a glimpse of what real tradecraft is like. It’s not quite as over the top as 24, and focuses less on an individual such as Jack Bauer and more on the team as a whole a la NCIS. It does steal some visual hooks from 24 such as the multiple “window panes” that 24 made popular again.

(On a side note, the direct viewing option on Netflix is absolutely fantastic.See my previous post for info.)

All in all, I highly reccomend the series as well as the other shows that I listed. I’m currently only about half way through season 2 of MI-5, so it could take a turn for the worse, but I seriously doubt it. Now then, back to my hot tea and intrigue. Only 44 more hours of exile until I am no longer contagious.


~ by David on October 4, 2007.

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