White T(ea) and Colbie


Yes, I know it sounds like I’m advocating a mis-spelled and quite unhealthy lunch combination. In truth I’m advocating wrapping your ears around two semi new songs, at least they are in my market. Both of them have weasled their ways inside my head and planted roots. Now I can’t vouch for the rest of the music on their albums (though I’m sure to poke around in their catalogs) but these two songs are nothing if not catchy, and they’re perfect melodies on the cool grey day we’re enjoying up here today.

The first song today is Hey there Delilah by the [Plain White T’s], the second is Bubbly by [Colbie Caillat]. Both are pretty mellow. So go ahead, sit back and enjoy the show.

–Vids after the jump.


Hey There Delilah – [Plain White T’s]

Bubbly – [Colbie Caillat]


~ by David on October 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “White T(ea) and Colbie”

  1. I like mellow very much. Lately I have been on a Michael Buble kick and some good old fashioned Tony Bennett

  2. I thought I’d share one I like. I bought his album awhile back. It’s hard to believe this voice comes from that size of a man.

    Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

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