Cullinary Yearning – Khan’s

Oh to be back in Minneapolis again… I often find myself day dreaming about what I left behind there, much of which is the gastronomic diversity that is nearly non-existant here in Upstate NY. If you are ever in the twin cites, here is yet another of my favorite eateries.

Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque

I had never been to a mongolian barbeque before moving to Minneapolis. The concept, for those of you who don’t already know, is a buffet style setup at which you choose the combinations of meat, vegetables and sauces you would like. You then take it to a counter behind which the staff of the restaurant stir fry your selections. At Khan’s, each tip left at the counter is marked with the chiming of a gong and a thank you from the staff… <continued>

The atmosphere of Khan’s is not your typical buffet. It’s a little more comfortable than most and also has a full bar. Best of all, on numerous monitors around the restaurant, you are treated to a what seems to be an all day sumo wrestling channel (where they find a channel like that is anyones guess).

Not only is it all you can eat for a reasonable price, but the variety is endless for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Saving the best for last, my favorite food item at Khan’s is not one you pick up at the buffet. It’s the dessert that is brought to your table in between trips to the buffet. I do not know the proper name for these delicacies, but so far as I can tell they are a steamed dumpling of sorts filled with a small ammount of honey and sesame seeds. They are fantastic.

If you have any idea what these are called, or better yet if you have a recipie for them, please… please… please leave it as a comment here or send me an email directly.

Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque has three locations near the twin cities. Contact information and directions to each can be found below.

[Khan’s – Roseville]
[Khan’s – Richfield]
[Khan’s – Coon Rapids]


~ by David on October 2, 2007.

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