An audible enjoyment of science

Radio Lab from NY Public Radio is a forray into some very thought provoking often complex science. The beauty of this show is the ability of the hosts (Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich) to make it understandable and palatable to the lay person while not dumbing down the science.

Now, very rarely do radio programs and podcasts on science really grab my attention and hold it. Most programs end up sounding stuffy or tend to drone on about the minutia that only a hardcore scientist would care about. Radio Lab succeeds where others fail. It’s simultaneously informative, thought provoking and in fact entertaining…. <continued>

The only other possible exception to my prior statement would be the Science Friday edition of Talk of theNation on NPR, but that show boasts an eclectic mix of topics each week and is therefore more of a variety show that teeters between hard science and current event science. I digress…

I stumbled upon this spectacular little podcast through a segment on This American Life several months ago. The shows share a similar format and audible aesthetic, so if you are a fan of one I would highly reccomend the other. For a bit of their flavor, here are a few of their topics:

Beyond Time : Einstein’s Theory of Relativity may have implications on the concept of choice. Namely, that there is none.
Memory & Forgetting : Learn how true memories can be obliterated and false ones added.
Morality : Where does our sense of right and wrong come from?

Radio Lab can be heard in the greater NY metro area, Sundays at 6pm on 93.9 FM
Online at [WNYC] or you can find their RSS feed at [RSS]


~ by David on October 1, 2007.

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