Psyop left me bewildered

Psyop ID for MTV HD 

Over the last 9 months I have been enjoying my new HD cable service. All in all it’s pretty fantastic, if a little light on channel selections. But since the day that I first installed the box I’ve marvelled at, and yearned to see over and over again, one 90 second clip of HD television. It’s a MTVHD identity piece of a flock of crows. In all my years of watching television, nothing has captivated my attention quite so much as this animation.

[Quicktime Video: 20 MB]

Finally after 9 months of watching, I looked into who had created this piece of visual candy. With minimal effort I found out that the piece was produced by PSYOP advertising and animation. I am actually stunned by the number of tremendous ads they have produced, granted there are a few flops in the mix as well but elements of them are still stunning. Their ads are so enjoyable that I actually spent the time to watch them all (unfortunately in low res) on their web site.

Of particular note to me were a series of Fanta soda commercials apparently made for Spanish speaking markets. I know that I never saw them here in NY, but they are vastly superior to the ridiculous ads that WERE run in theaters and on television here featuring some awfully gaudy dancing girls. I find it quite surprising that the ads weren’t shown here since they are all dialogue free and would work equally well in any market as far as I’m concerned. All of their ads are viewable after the link. Hope you enjoy them as much as me.


~ by David on September 27, 2007.

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