Fall: The eternal conundrum

Fall brings one of the most eternal conundrums of my existance. It’s a time when all that is good in the world collides in a veritably unsolvable puzzle of time management.

The weather is truely ideal, thus tempting me to go outside with the family and do things like hike or geocache. The combination of such cool weather, sunshine and fall colors, draws me out, keen to roam the streets and the wilderness with my camera or just plant myself in a coffee shop enjoying the warmth of a hot apple cider while working in my sketchbook.

The same cool weather draws me inside to window watch when it gets too cool, or to the couch, to snuggle beneath blankets with my wife, drinking hot tea and talking or reading together in the golden afternoon sunlight.

Then we have my Achilles heel. For some the height of banality, for me a window into worlds beyond count. Television is a gateway to so very much in the world. Bringing us stories and emotion (if done well), information and editorial, it molds our cultural infrastructure and informs our sense of style and our visual language. In this media, fall becomes a birth place for new ideas and stories untold.

This fall is far more complex for it has brought with it the joy of family, fatherhood and the experience of watching life bloom before me. The sense that our family story is unfolding around me and extending it’s roots. I plan on enjoying this bit more than all others, but in the end I still must find the delicate balance among the things that entertain me. They are, after all, the undercurrent of my day to day life.


~ by David on September 25, 2007.

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