Ok, I fell off the train again!

Like I told you before, I knew I would lose the drive to write regularly… But I’m back… So here’s a quick update of life between the spring and now.

K has neared the popping point. The baby will be here within the next three weeks. Actual due date is the 24th, but they say she could go into labor any time now. If she is late, our doctor has told us that he will only wait a week to induce. The nursery is done, and the rest of the house, with the exception of the dining room (which has turned into a yard sale repository), is just about ready. We’re so excited. 

I’ve also started to do alot more research into Buddhism, and I'm starting to think that the Buddhist path is indeed the path I am meant to follow. It is helping me be more mindful of my thoughts and actions and definately making a dent in my stress level. We’ve been going down to temple in Canaan NY, just on the border of Massachusets. It’s a bit of a haul, but it’s a great community. 

I’m still watching too much tv, though the summer schedule is a little slim this year. The highlight so far has been So You Think You Can Dance.  There are some really great dancers on there this year, though the sister of last years winner is by far the crowd favorite.

Book-wise, I had a bit of a nostalgic period start a little while ago. Back in high school I really enjoyed a number of fantasy series, so I dug them out of the closet. I'm currently re-reading all my old Dragonlance books. They are quick reads, but really quite enjoyable.

We’ve seen some good movies over the last several weeks. The three most recent were Knocked Up, Transformers and Harry Potter… more soon…

~ by David on July 14, 2007.

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