Mid Season Pilots

So I’m skipping right over the travesty that is Sanjaya’s continued rampage of mediocrity and cutting directly to more entertaining fare. I caught the pilot of October Road tonight and was pretty impressed. It’s a pretty solid story with some seriously enjoyable hooks, enjoyably worded dialog and reasonably talented actors. I should have known when I saw that it was created by the same folks that gave us Beautiful Girls.

The story of the worldly outsider returning to his roots, only to have to find his place in a small town world, has certainly been done before in a dozen different ways. In fact it’s being done this year on the very same station with Jericho, although that particular embodiment has a profoundly different take, which I might add, I am still really enjoying. In any case, October Road will be worth following for a number of reasons, but my hope is based on a yearning for witty dialog. You know, I think thats the main reason that I find myself watching Gilmore Girls with K every time Netflix drops a disc our way. The torrent of witty reparte is astounding.

I also caught the pilot episode of Raines. It's not much to write home about. Jeff Goldblum plays his typical low key weirdo. Alternatingly interesting, humerous and blase. The plot device of the “ghosts” is curious and could turn out to be interesting in the long run if well executed. It's funny how many of these “flawed” detectives there are out there in TV land. I mean just as a short list we’ve got…

The broken detective who lost his family in 9/11 (CSI:NY), The sarcastic bug loving detective (CSI), The annoyingly macho detective (CSI:Miami), The psychic crime solver (The Dead Zone), The fake psychic wannabe detective with an idetic memory (Psych), The obsessive compulsive genius (Monk) and now The schizophrenic detective whose hallucinations help solve crimes (Raines). Bah! I guess they've got something there seeing as how I watch all of these damn shows. Now all I can hope for is that someone decides to make a show out of Odd Thomas. 

So that was the extent of new shows. Did any of you happen to catch them? What did you think?

~ by David on March 15, 2007.

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