Pronunciate!?! An Idol Update


So I’ve decided that this is certainly not going to be my favorite episode of Idol. Diana Ross didn’t need to be celebrated tonight. Especially if she is going to make up recockulous words like “Pronunciate”.

Brandon, I’m not sure if he sucked or if the song did.

Melinda was pretty good, but the song near about bored me to tears. Maybe thats why she and Paula were crying at the end, because I sure didn’t see anything that was tear invoking.

Chris did indeed murder the arangement, but really needs to stay in this. I think he would have been much better off with just a piano behind his vocals instead of that full band. I haven't thought it yet this season, but I was reminded that sometimes the band is a detriment to the singers on this show. Oh… and yes, Chris, put your glasses back on.

Gina Rocked It! Hands down, I have no idea why the judges had an issue….

Uh oh… here comes Sanjaya. Time to turn up your t.v’s

~ by David on March 13, 2007.

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