Idol Continued

Ok, now that Sanjaya’s done… on with the reviews.

Haley was pretty good (in the beginning), but Diana was right, she is under-singing….. and ouch… she forgot her words. Overall, she looked good tonight and she sang pretty well, but I think she’s on the cutting line after that slip up. Also, she needs to be careful with the melodrama, it was almost too much.

Phil had really good vocals this week, but someone in the face must have been pulling faces at him, because he had that goofy grin on his face far too often throughout the song. I’d say that was a pretty memorable performance, especially since I don’t think I'd ever heard the song before.

Lakisha’s vocals were probably just as she wanted them, but I think it was a pretty pitiful rendition of a fantastic song. Blech. I disagree entirely with Randy. Well except that she had a nice dress on. With all of them for that matter. I like Lakisha, but that was sub-par.

Time to see Blake hopefully knock this one out of the park… 

Hmmmm… not a home run, but I think that again, alot of it was that the band wrecked it. Well that and that Blake needs some dance lessons, or perhaps just not “dance” if thats what you want to call that. I wonder if the judges will ever mention that the the band was a mess.

I think I may need to spend some time “pity” voting tonight.

Stephanie was relatively mediocre, as was the song. So mediocre actually that I didn't even notice her forgetting her lyrics.

Chris Richardson picked a song that was faaaaaar to fast paced for his vocal comfort zone. He doesn’t need to trill like that either. Justin Timberlake impersonations have a time and a place (I guess), but this was not one of them. He just didn’t make the grade. As Simon said… Dreadful…

Jordan wrapped it upwith a song that like most of tonights songs, dated back to a land before time. And I am sorry to say that the performance was somewhat on the primitave, with only sporadic hints of brilliance. I don’t know if I just missed it or what. I think she needs some work. This is not a three girl race, not just yet anyway.

With that, I hereby “Ponunciate” this blog over! Catch you tomorrow.


~ by David on March 13, 2007.

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