Idol Update II

So I have to admit, I’m just not nearly as interested in the womens night of competition. If this were purely a vocal competition, I’d say that the only three that stand out to me are…

Lakisha Jones
By far the best vocals of the season, but her image may cause her problems down the line. The good news is thatshe has taken Simons advice on style.

Melinda Doolittle
Again, she’s got incredible pipes, but her image is in even worse shape. I don’t know if it’s her mousy personality or a bone disorder, but the way her shoulders are shrugged up, makes her look a little awkward. I hope that she continues to loosen up, both stylisticly and physically if she can, as she continues in the season.

Gina Glocksen
The female Daughtry of the season. She doesn't have the best vocals of the bunch, but she has that edge and personality that just pulls me in. The funny thing is that she has had the image from the start, but she has been masking it with silly song choices and bad clothes. Her hair and tattoos say who she really is and last night we finally saw some of that. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she can do now that she has shrugged off the good girl image a bit. 

Oh and just a note… although Antonella wasn’t horrendous last night, she still sucked, and the girl who went after her last night as well. They both sure as shit better get cut this week or I will be really dissapointed.

Well thats all for this update… On to the more important bits of life. 

~ by David on March 8, 2007.

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