Feelin Good…

It’s a new day, I mean it seriously feels like a different day than this morning. My morning was going fine, but I was feeling a little blase when I got to work. In fact I have been feeling a little blase all month. But after just an hour and a half out of the office I feel like a new person. I look like one too. About a month and a half ago now I realized that I needed a hair cut, but by this last couple of weeks it was more than apparent that I needed one desperately. I mean I usually keep my hair pretty short, but as of last weekend I was able to do my hair like Marcell from Top Chef. Abso-freaking-lutely ridiculous.

Surely not the height of fashion.

So yeah, this morning I finally made it downtown for the hair cut. Janelle took about two and a half inches off the top, leaving me looking like a civilized human being again. One who does not have to wear a hat twelve hours of every freaking day. Even K was begging me to get my hair cut, and that has never happened before. I was so close this last weekend to shaving my head completely. The only reason I didn’t was that K really didn’t want me to, and I didn’t have a set of sheers to do it. 

To top it off, I went ahead and splurged on a grande mocha over at Starbucks before hand. It was just what I needed, with the exception of noticing yet another example of what jerks there are in the world. As I went into Starbucks, there was an adorable standard poodle parked right outside the doors in a sit stay, staring in at the nice warm shop. Mind you the dog was not tied to anything, just sitting there, not even a leash to be seen. Between it’s practically manicured paws was a 3 inch Milkbone. So I squeezed into the store thinking that the owner was probably just grabbing a quick cup of coffee and that they would be out to take care of their dog long before I had my coffee. 

I was wrong. I should have known that the dog was just someone’s fashion accessory, left outside like muddy shoes. I watched each and every one of the people in line ahead of me leave and walk straight past the dog, a few saying comforting words to it and shaking their heads as they continued on their way, but not a person sitting at a table paid the dog any mind. The poor thing just sat out there, eventually breaking it’s sit stay, probably because it’s pompom ass was frozen, to press it’s nose against the door and stare longingly into the warm place where it’s “master” sipped their latte and daintily partook of their muffin. Arg. And to add insult to injury the dog didn’t have any interest whatsoever in the milkbone. I mean really, it says something about a person when you are willing to pay easily $65 on your dogs haircut, but then you leave it on the sidewalk in sub zero windchill with the cheapest possible treat you could buy. Ack…. 

Anyway I am way off topic. Well actually not since that was pre-haircut. After the haircut, with my head feeling bristly short and clean, not to mention refreshingly cool in the cold air, and my belly full with warm mocha and caffeine, I jumped back in the car and drove home listening to the country station I landed on a couple days ago. I’m on a bit of a country kick I suppose, with the exception of the Soul Coughing tunes that I’ve running through my head the last couple of days. The short of it is as the subject line says… I feel good.

I hope the rest of you are having as good a day as I am. Catch you later.


~ by David on March 8, 2007.

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