American Idol Update

Blake Lewis
311? Novel choice, and for sure a surprise, but how in the hell could the three of them not know that song? I enjoyed, though it was surely not Blake’s best performance. Oh and lets hope we never see another impersonation, or character or what ever he called that, his cool factor curdled a bit when he exposed that bit.

Perhaps it was not nearly as “dreadful” as last week as Simon said, but it was pretty bad. I have a bad feeling though that he will still be here come next week because he picked a likeable song. Damn his ingenuity. But dear gods, Hula dancing? 

Sundance Head
Sundance, Sundance, Sundance…. Dude destroyed a perfectly enjoyable song. And I do not mean destroyed in the “Dude that rocked” kind of way. I think the big guy ought to pack up and try again next year. I’m sorry about that too because he seems like a really nice guy.

Chris Richardson
Did a pretty good job tonight. Not the most memorable song, but really well sung.

Oh… and then there was Jared. This guy is interesting. His voice isn't too bad, but then he goes all goofy after last weeks face reveal (which in truth wasn’t thaaat bad), he follows up with a Carelton Banks impersonation (don’t say you can’t see the resemblace). His stylist should be shot this week. He probably drew the short straw and got Sanjaya’s stylist from last week.

Phil Stacey
Judges couldn’t have been more spot on. This was completely the wrong song, and his opening vocals sounded REALLY bad. In the end the vocals panned out, but the song  was a disaster.

Brandon Rogers
I wasn’t a huge fan of this tune either, but he had the energy tonight and it was certanly an original choice. For once I have to agree with Randy’s opener, and not the normally sage advice of Simon.

Chris Sligh
Chris is by far the most talented of the remaining Idols, not only does he have the most refined and “adult” voice of the group, but he has a great personality and very good song choices.

So predictions for this week? Nah, but I’ll tell you who ought to go home…
Sanjaya & Sundance

Second string of cuts ought to be Jared and Phil.

What do you all think? Leave a comment.


~ by David on March 6, 2007.

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