American Idol Update

Wake the fuck up people….

I’m not gearing that toward you folks that actually read this, unless of course you voted for the whisper singing michael jackson wannabe Sanjaya. I mean seriously, there is no way that he should have made it another week. The kid is a train wreck. 

And although the tag line “vote for Pedro” was particularly annoying, the guy did not deserve to go home last night. If anyone other than Sanjaya should of gone home it should have been Brandon Rogers with his mundane song choice or Sundance Head, who I might add, I find unique and personable, but far from the best singer. My vote, if we were voting for who to cut, would have been Sanjayah and Brandon. 

I was completely stunned to see AJ Tabaldo get cut last night. He didn't show a ton of personality, but he has a hell of a voice. And his performance last night? He killed it! Not to mention that if you compare it with Leslie Hunt’s performance of the same song last night, it was like night and day. The girl could barely keep herself in tune and to call what she did scatting would be like calling David Hasselhoff a musical genius. It's only something the Germans would do. 

In general, I thought that the decision on the girls side was fair. Leslie could probably have gimped through another week, but she wasn’t long for the competition, and that Alaina chick was doomed after her performance this week. I would have been ok with losing the little harlot Antonella since her performance was terrible as well, but the topless blowjob photos released on the internet seem to have bought her the teen vote for another week at least. We’ll see how much play she can get out of that.

Ah well, back to real life and time to stop ranting about “reality” television….


~ by David on March 2, 2007.

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