Misery in Minneapolis….

IDOL Update Part 1

Is there a reason the folks at American Idol have decided to torture me for the last 44 minutes… ? Seriously… is there? wait…. make that 48 minutes. 

I mean dear sweet jesus, the people auditioning out in Minneapolis are making me wonder if I ever want to go back there… ok, perhaps thats an exageration. It’s just that of the 2 people they've put through in this first hour truely do not deserve to be going to Hollywood, at least based on what we have been forced to witness. 

The sad part is that even the numbskulls that we are supposed to be able to mock, haven't even been mockable. They’ve just been downright depressing. I think perhaps they screwed themselves when they started the episode with that poor Jessica chick breaking down. ((Sigh)) Let’s see if they can shape it up in the next hour and ten minutes.

((EDIT: 9:03 and now a third has gone through, and I feel I can safely lump him in with the others. Now the cowardly lion wanabee is making me cry and not with laughter.))

~ by David on January 16, 2007.

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