After the storm…

Well we made it trough the night without losing power again. It was a tad miserable getting up at 7:30 today to salt and sand the driveway, but I can’t really complain as there are still 25,000 people in Saratoga county without power. At first I thought that it must be a miracle that we didn’t lose power except for a few minutes yesterday, but I think it really comes down to some excellent tree trimming by the power company over the last year, combined with the fact that most of the dead branches probably blew off earlier this year when we had those 3 days of bad wind storms. God knows we lost power then. 

I’m just typing to try and warm my fingers since it’s only 52 degrees in here today. Someone turned off the heat in here again over the weekend. It seems to be warming up pretty quickly though.

Anyway, 24 was pretty damn good last night. I wasn't too shocked at the “big ending” due to a damn drudge report story yesterday. A tad dissapointed on that note. I am really enjoying the development of Jacks character, the torture he’s endured seems to have definately made an impact on him, as has the situation with Curtis, but I have a feeling that the end of last nights episode is going to change things a little. I had visions of Bruce Banner in my head as Jack looked off into the distance.

In other news, we are coming up on the middle of week 13 of the pregnancy. By chance, I found a handy little ticker on the web today so I thought I'd toss that in here as a nice reminder of whats happening on a week to week basis. Due to resizing, it's a tad hard to read, but you can click on it to read the full entry.


K is still having trouble with the texture of meat in her food, so we are still eating more pasta and risotto than I prefer. The good news is that she’s finally able to brush her teeth without wretching. Hopefully the morning sickness is fading. I’m looking forward to eating chicken again soon.I found myself wishing that there were a 4d ultrasound system in the area last week after our doctors appointment. I had seen one at the Medical Conference I attended a couple of years ago and had assumed that they were wide spread now, but it turns out that there are a pretty limited number of clinics sporting them so far. Looks like the closest ones are down in the city (NY), over in Boston, and up in Montreal. In case you don't know what the difference is, here is a side by side comparison.

I finished Liquor last week and started on the sequel Prime a few days ago. Liquor ended up being a really enjoyable book overall. The end seemed to come a bit quick, but it was still quite riveting. Prime has been a bit slow to start so far, but it seems to be picking up. I think the problem was that at the start of the second book, the characters didn’t have any goal to really overcome, just a bad restaurant review. But the proverbial shit has started to hit the fan now so things should intensify.Well there is lots to do in here today, so I ought to get to work. I’ll try and update again later today, otherwise there will probably be an idol recap tonight around 10.


~ by David on January 16, 2007.

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