The Ice Storm (07)

Well hello out there from the frozen tundra of Upstate NY. We are in the middle of one hell of an ice storm. It’s pretty incredible. So far there is “only” a little more than a quarter inch out there, but they are estimating a 1/2″ to Inch by late tonight or tomorrow morning. Due to the weather, we are home from work. It's been a pretty slow day overall. We’ve just done some cleaning and preparing for the inevitable loss of power. I also shot some photos out in the yard. I wish there was some sunshine, it would be incredible to see. I'll mix some shots into my entry.

The birdfeeder has been busy today despite the icicles.

The ice is gorgeous, I just wish we had a bit of sun to make it sparkle.

It was kind of freaky being out there between the sound of grinding ice with every step across the grass, to the snapping of tree limbs coming from the woods every few seconds. As I was shooting, a tree came down next to the house, nearly hitting the new fencing. K called out from the porch asking me to come in, I had to agree that it would be a good idea. As I got into the house and took off my shoes, another branch about twice the size of me came crashing down 3 feet from where I had been standing. Timing is everything I suppose. I’m glad we took down the dying trees that were so close to the house over the summer, that would have been a disaster.

I felt terrible breaking up such incredible sculptures with each step.

A closer look. Can you see the blades of grass inside there?

At this point K is playing EQII (at least while we have power), and I’m just watching TV. ((Judging Amy at the moment)) Sort of ironic that it’s the episode where an ice laden branch crashes into their house. Now it’s just a waiting game. Time to hope that the brownouts slow down and the power waits to go out until after 10pm when 24 is over. No matter what though, I think we’re prepared. Blankets and Mummy bags are unrolled, my long underwear is layed out, all of our flashlight batteries are loaded, as is the radio and the laptop here. I’ve dragged in a pile of candles and set up a stack of reading material for after the laptop dies.  Wish us luck. We wish you all the same.

The salt and sand I spread on the porch left such interesting patterns.

((EDIT: I just talked to Mom & Dad. It seems that there is trouble up at their place as well. Dad went out to move and set up the motor home in case of a power outage, only to find that a leak in the roof had clogged with ice and was spilling into the cabin. After dealing with that, he went back inside, only to notice shortly there after that the motor home had slid down the slight slope of the driveway into their tool shed, bending the ladder on the back of the vehicle. Ack! Dad moved the motor home again thinking he had a better footing. He set an egg timer and came back to check when it had gone off. It had slid another foot back towards the shed and the barn. He’s got the front wheels planted on the lawn now. Let’s hope it stays put. It may be my only chance of seeing 24 if the power goes out before 8pm. Hope everyone is hanging in there.))


~ by David on January 15, 2007.

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