Icy Update…

Well the power did in fact go out a little while ago, but it was a reak quick one. Came back on in just under a minute. We’ll be pretty damned lucky if thats the extent of it. The ice doesn't seem to have built up too much more, but the sun just went down about 30 minutes ago and I think that will set everything freezing again. Now that the cable box has recycled, we are just sitting here watching a rusted root concert. I haven’t thought of them in a real long time. But it’s a pretty good concert for music that I don’t really know.

I am constantly amazed at the plethora of live concerts and recorded sessions on the HD channels. Not to mention that I have seen more episodes of Storytellers, Cross Overs, Cross Country, Life & Rhymes, Ledgends of Jazz etc. in the last few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed it. MHD (the HD MTV/VH1/CMTV hybrid channel) is the best MTV offshoot in over a decade. It’s actually all music. No stupid crap ass degenerate shows like the Real World and Jack Ass.

Now: Time to make tomato soup and crackers. A perfect way to settle into an icy yet cozy winter night at home. 

Maybe I’ll check in again later…

~ by David on January 15, 2007.

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