A momentary lull before the week explodes…

So tonight after work K and decided to go and see Casino Royale at the local dinner and a movie place in Saratoga. Unfortunately we were wait listed and told to just show up 10 minutes before the show to grab a seat, “someone always cancels”. So we lounged around the house until 7:30 and then headed downtown. I was jazzed. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while and to watch it over dinner seemed like a sweet combo. Unfortunately for us and the 6 other folks on the wait list (we were first) the party of 8 that was way late showed up just as they were getting ready to seat us. Sonofa…

So grumped out and hungry, we hit price chopper (an unpleasant experience as always, Shop Hannaford!) and grabbed some mac to make at home. Far from nutritious, but quick and easy. When we got back home, I realized the upside… I could watch the eagles semi-final playoff game. I came in just as we scored the second touch down. It was pretty rockin. From there we were good up until just after half time. Then it was all down hill. The Saints just kept running the ball and our poor defense was just exhausted. This was the Saints strategy all the way until the end. Why we f***ing punted on that last play I will never know. With 2 minutes left in the 4th, there was little to no f***ing chance that we were going to get the ball back. Ack!! The upside is that I got to chat with my father about 12 times throughout the game. It was nice to share some time with him, even if it was just over the phone.

Now it’s time to dig in and get ready for an exhausting, but kick ass week of TV. It’s gonna take alot to pull me out of my HighDef coma come Saturday. Here’s the line-up.

Sunday – 2 hour 24 premier!

Monday – EVEN MORE 24!!!

Tuesday – New NCIS, The Unit, Law & Order: SVU and American Idol premieres!

Wednesday – EVEN MORE American Idol! plus Friday Night Lights, CSI:NY and Top Chef

Thursday – New CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Shark.

Friday – New Psych! sweeet!

Holy crap!?!, that adds up to a minimum of 18 hours of entertainment this week. Wish me luck with that coma.


~ by David on January 13, 2007.

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