Walkabout Highlights

So for the last two nights, I have decided to walk around downtown Saratoga and shoot some photos. When I got down there the other night, I decided to continue with the Mannequinisms series that I started last year.

The whole idea is to capture the awkward beauty of these mostly headless sentinels that surround us daily. They are strangely stoic, subtly changing and beautiful in their own right. This project is giving me a chance to shoot a little bit of fashion (one of my favorite photo subjects) and at the same time focus on an un-noticed aspect of downtown.

Anyway, here are a few of the shots. You can see the rest by heading over to my deviantart gallery (just click any of the images to get there) there are some other subjects covered there as well, mostly nature shots. Hell I’ll even toss one of the latest nature shots in here too.

((Edit: For some reason my deviant art embed isn’t working. Adding deviantart banner as a jump link.))


~ by David on January 12, 2007.

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