One Heck of a Sunday!

What a Sunday! It was fantastic. K and I got up early yesterday and met up with a bunch of friends over at The Country Corner Cafe in Saratoga. It was about 60 degrees and pure sunshine. I don't think I’ll ever see a January day in NY like that again. Anyway, we had a really great breakfast potato pancakes, sausage, bacon and O.J. for me, it totally left me craving a Woodchuck and missing Minneapolis and the Black Forrest Inn. The food was delish and had some really funny conversations. A couple of folks split off afterward though, while the rest of us went out to the Wilton Wildlife Preserve to do some Geocaching (definition) (official site).

Opening the second cache.

We stopped off at Barnes & Noble so some folks could pick up some schwag to drop in the caches. I stayed outside trying to re-initialize our GPS unit. The GPS turned out to be malfunctioning, so K and I ran over to EMS and bought a new mid range unit. Everyone met back up at EMS and we left for the wildlife preserve. It took some adjusting to figure out how the new GPS worked and to learn to adjust for loss of signal, not to mention how to read the interface, but we eventually got a hang of it. The first cache we did took about an hour and a half, but it was a 5 part multi-cache so that wasn’t extrordinarilly long. We were’nt so good at being stealthy and as such were spotted by other geocachers and letterboxers that were hunting other caches in the area. It is so amazing that there are so many caches hidden around the area and so many other people participating. It's amazing that there is such a large community out there, and that most people, “muggles”, don’t even realize it.

These funky tree flaps were the first clue in the Eyes of the Forest Cache. It took us a while to find this one.

Anyway, after the first cache a couple people had to take off, but the three of us that were left went and did one more cache at the preserve. It was a pretty easy find, but it was down a path that I had always taken to be a deer path. It actually turned out to be one of the most beautiful sections of trail in the preserve. Anyway, from there we went out for a late lunch at Moe’s. K accidentally ordered my nacho’s with steak instead of ground beef, but it was a happy accident. Those nacho’s made my afternoon. Once our bellies were full, we decided to hit one last cache over at Skidmore since we had found a couple of TravelBug’s in the previous two caches. The cache is known as the TravelBug hotel. People leave TravelBug’s in there so they are easily accessed by visiting geocachers over the winter months. Pretty neat idea for a cache.

On our way back to the car to grab some lunch.

The night ended up being just as fun. The dogs were dead tired by the time we got home, and truth be told, I think K and I were pretty wiped too. K and I did some quick touch up cleaning as everyone was due to show up for our D&D game in just a short while. We had more people over than normal since one of our friends had some other friends in town for the weekend. It took us some time to get into the game, but once we did, it just went smooth as silk. The party dynamic was spot on and the night turned into more of a role playing session than a dice rolling game. It's night like last night that really make me enjoy playing D&D. We finished up just a little early, so I was even able to watch an episode of NUMBERS and an episode of CSI. All in all it was one of the best days I’ve had in a couple of months. Thanks to everyone involved!

(EDIT: I’ll post some pics of the geocaching fun when I get home tonight)

~ by David on January 8, 2007.

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