Misery loves company… so I’m sharing!

Gah! Better by Monday would have been a miracle as far as I’m concerned. Here it is Tuesday and I a feel like I am breathing through slime. I hate having a cold. Especially one so damned persistant. Everytime I reflexively sniffle, it is followed 3 seconds later by a noise earily similar to a dog's squeaky toy, as my sinuses re-pressurize. I feel like I have have litterally bonded to the box of kleenex and my stomach is full of nothing but soup and tea. I AM MISERABLE!

So now it is time to readjust my sorry, partially numbed ass on the couch here and either watch more TV, surf the net for fresher news than the stuff that I have consumed this morning and ram a few more tissues into my nostrils to stop the river of slime that I swear puts the one in Ghostbusters to shame.

note: creative liscence has been used in this depiction.

Feel free to lighten my day with a viral video or an email if you happen upon this sad excuse for a blog entry.

((Update: Venting actually does make one feel better about their situation.))


~ by David on January 2, 2007.

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