Podiatrist = Kind but Evil….

I like my new podiatrist.

She was nice as far as doctors go, though I have never met a podiatrist before, maybe they are all nice. In any case, she did fish an evil little granuloma (a vascular tumor of skin, or in lamens terms, a wad of meat) out from beneath my eternally (two months) bleeding toenail. This fun little project was prompted by myself accidentally cutting myself under the toenail while scraping out a splinter. I guess a wound under a nail is just not very prone to healing.

So long story short, after a nasty infection and this incessant bleeding, the podiatrist decided it would be best to remove my nail and let it heal. She said I would feel much less pain once the nail was removed and we were rid of the granuloma. A few novicane shots later and some carefull avoidance (I held up my sketchbook and drew as to obscure my vision of the actual procedure), I believed her.

Now 4 days later I curse her everytime I change the bulky bandage and put on my open toed gimp boot. It seems everytime I take off the bandage I tear the would open a bit again since the scab tends to knit itself into the gauze.

I go in again tomorrow to find out if something went wrong, or if I’m just a wuss when it comes to pain. Until then I’ll be elevating my foot, soaking it in warm water 3 times a day, popping advil and grinding my teeth as I rebandage. Wish me luck.


~ by David on May 1, 2006.

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