That Silvio Frown

Ok. So a while back I mentioned going to see Sarah Pedinotti perform at Cafe Lena. I also mentioned that the pianists facial expression could not help but bring to mind Silvio from the Soprano’s. In my little world, I hastily forgot that not everone marinates their brains in media drippings as thoroughly as I do. So as penance I offer you all a couple quick images to help you along. I should also mention that in truth the guy brought to mind not only Silvio. He was actually more of a blend between Anthony Michael Hall’s (now.. not in his geeky days)looks and Silvio’s expressions. For now, here are the two side by side. I’ll have some fun merging the two in Photoshop on Monday if I can find the time.

~ by David on April 14, 2006.

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