Crash? Bah!

So there I went, bitching and moaning for all to see. Dedicating myself to total shutdown, I wandered out to the car and started home. Along the way I figured a healthy dose of fresh air might perk me up, so down went the windows. Sure enough, I completely forgot my pity party and promptly decided it was a good time for a bike ride (this was a follow up to 2 days of 3 mile hikes after work). As soon as I got home, I quickly pulled out the bike, checked the tires, threw on my bike shoes and took off on a pleasant, if not excruciating, 5 mile ride. I had forgotten the pain, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After a nice hot shower and the donning of the pajamas, I sank deep into the couch cushions and watched my latest Idol predictions come true, enjoyed a new episode of the Amazing Race with K and indulged in my last LOST fix for two weeks. It was a really good night. I even played Oblivion afterwards, for entirely too long as usual. I haven’t gotten to bed before 2am in a week now.

So the moral of the story? Who knows… I guess it’s that even when you feel like a smoldering pile of once burning dog feces, there is always the possibility of a last second reprieve.


~ by David on April 13, 2006.

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