Am I talking about the video game? No. Am I referring to those creepy new bits of oddvertising from VW? No. I want to talk about the Chicago, IL restaurant headed up by self proclaimed “gastronaut” Homaro Cantu.

In my podcast addiction, I happened to add a few new programs to my line-up. One program was To the Best of Our Knowledge. This week they featured two segments on Chef Homaro Cantu. I have never heard of more interesting dishes. This chef works with high technology firms and organizations including NASA to create high tech tools for his kitchen. The food is definately conceptual, but it sounds as if he is recreating the dining experience like no other chef I have ever heard of. You can hear some examples on the podcast I spoke of linked below, or you can read the full menu (not as enlighteneing in the uniqueness) at the MOTO website, also linked below.

Even though the prices are likely to bankrupt my monthly restaurant budget, I can guarantee that I will be going there eventually. It is just too unique an experience to pass up.

5 Course Meal – $65
10 Course Meal – $100
GTM (16 courses) – $160

Moto Restaurant

To the Best of Our Knowledge
(podcast rss)


~ by David on April 10, 2006.

One Response to “MOTO”

  1. I picked up the habit from a friend years ago of saying the phrase “nice job, MOTO” when people say something redundant or blatently obvious. (( MOTO: Master of the Obvious ))

    So this post made me laugh for completely unrelated reasons.

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