Caffe Lena Update

I think this may become a regular update here on the site. Last night K and I went to Caffe Lena for the first time together. I hadn’t been since high school, and couldn’t remember it very well, but I was pleasantly surprised. We went to see a (once) local artist perform. Her name is Sarah Pedinotti. If you know Saratoga, then you may recognize her name. Her folks own and run one of the best restaurants/Jazz bars in Saratoga. One Caroline Street. Anyway, last night we saw her as a part of SKP & The Shaggy Rollers.

An incredible arrangement. The whole band is incredibly talented, and all are incredible characters on stage as well. Pedinotti’s quirky instruments and lyrics as well as her truely unique voice create an atmosphere that is sometimes goofy, sometimes sexy, and sometimes just plain powerful. The pianist was incredible, and entertaining to watch. His facial expressions as he played could not help but bring to ming Silvio from the Sopranos though. It just spoke to how into the music he got. The Bass player as well was full of personality, speaking the sounds he played on his instrument in a scat kind of way. It brought a truely unique feel to the instrument, especially duning his intricate, speedy, thumping solos.

All I can say is get yourself on their mailing list and check these folks out. I haven't enjoyed a musical performance that much in quite a long time. I can garauntee that we will be seeing much more of them and of Cafe Lena for that matter.

Check out her site at

~ by David on April 1, 2006.

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