Update after a 3 week hiatus

Hmmmmm… How to summarize 3 weeks quickly… bullet points should do.

Life in General
Tried to stockpile cookies by baking 3 times as much a day.
Pulled something in my back from baking so much.
9 days sleeping on the living room floor.
Realised that a heating pack does squat for a back ache.
Bakery is having a great month.
Unable to bake much due to a sore back.
Luckily I had a stockpile. (Funny how that works)
Things eventually equalized with my back and production.
Been doing alot of ad work.
Went to Merc forrest for a pancke brekfast with friends. Had a great time.
Spring seems to have sprung.
Went on a hike with the dogs at the nature preserve. Had even more fun.
Decided to make walking the neighborhood a regular event during the week to get back into shape.
Started weight watchers again.
Decided that instead of drinking soda, I would make my own carbonated tea. Tastes great.

Entertainment Recap
24 – The pace has picked way up. They finally disposed of the hobbit, but we payed for wanting his demise with the lives of Edgar AND Tony. How could they. Those bastards. I must say that I am dying to see where this goes.

Project Runway – Well all I can say was at least it wasn't Santino. I still wish that Nick had made it.

LOST – We had a lot of downtime, but the season is back with alot of twists. I love it. Henry Gale is evil epitomized. I hope we see quite a bit more of him. I am pissed at how easily played Locke has been lately. Not to mention the fact that we are back to the softer side of Sawyer. Blech. I suppose it's made up for by having our bad ass Sayid back.

American Idol – Good bye chicken little and Lisa. You were entertaining while you lasted, but it was time for the big kids to show their stuff. Good luck to them.


~ by David on March 30, 2006.

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