I’m back…

No I didn’t fall back off the face of the planet. I have just had a long week with little energy for typing. Been doing a ton of baking as of late. Anyway, things have been good overall. This last week has been a good one for tv. Quick recap of the highlights….

LOST – Great this last week. A lot of great clues and gap filling details. Damnable though that that they are on a 2 week haiatus now though.

24 – Ding Dong Lynn is canned, Lynn is canned, ding dong the dumb ass Lynn is canned. At least for the time being. Now if we could only do something about that schmuck of a President. I hope his wife tears him a new one when she gets back to the white house. If she doesn't, I think that the Russian President may have a little something to say in her stead. I'm wiked psyched for this Monday's 2 hour show.

Idol – All my favirites are still in it and they seem to be weeding out the right contestants so far. With the exception of “Sway”. Chicken little (Kevin) should have met the axe instead. Shame on all the elderly keeping him in there just because he's cute.

I also finally started a deviantart.com page this last week. I’ll link to it at some point. I’d love any feedback you all can give me. Anyway. Thats about all out here in the boondocks today. Mayhaps I’ll check in tomorrow.

~ by David on March 3, 2006.

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