Overreaction = Schmuck

Ok, so I just took a look at an article about Oliver Stones new movie coming out later this year, World Trade Center, and it looks like it may be decent. Although I must say that I am not a huge fan of Nicolas Cage who plays the lead in this film. What got to me was the ridiculous statement at the end of the article. The article reads….

Stone, whose films have aroused controversy ever since “JFK”, said the political landscape had changed “radically” under the Bush administration.

“If we get to make films and plays about it, it will be an interesting era to write about,” he said.

If we get to make films and plays about it? If? Come on! Does this guy really think that his right to free speech, his prime liberty in this country is going to be abridged? Has it yet? Puh-lease. It drives me nuts when hollywood folks blow things out of proportion. Whether it be threatening to leave to country if one person is elected (**cough**Johnny Depp**cough**) only to return when they see that the rest of the world isn't idyllic as they supposed, or having it just turn out to be an empty promise. Or in this case, making it sound like we live under a dictator who has limited our free speech like China.

Schmuck, Schmuck, Schmuck!


~ by David on February 21, 2006.

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