24 Update

Speaking of Schmucks… Did anyone watch 24 last night? If not stop reading now.

There is an over-abundance of schmucklyness permeating several characters this season. Namely these two…

Both these characters need to grow a spine. One (The President) just can’t make decisions at all and is playing off his lack of decisiveness on the other, while the other (McGill) is a blind follower who can’t even stand up to his own sister, and so takes it out on his “underlings”. Bad things will happen to these two. Mark my words. This was a somewhat annoying episode after last weeks heroics by Jack. I mean the man is a GOD… hehehe. Stopping terrorists AND saving small children? This week I just wanted folks to stand up for themselves. The Presidents wife needs to slap him down, not jump in a car doomed for destruction. I mean literaly, slap him in the face and say wake up you pussy. McGill? He knows where his sister is, I mean hell, he called her. Send in an agent, or a SWAT team for crying out loud. Insecurity. It must be this seasons theme.


~ by David on February 21, 2006.

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