Foiled again…

So here I am again, downtown Saratoga, sitting at the bar at uncommon grounds. A chill in my fingertips as I try and type this update. In a fit of excitement tonight, I bought a cheap pair of fingerless gloves and a new knit cap and headed into the night armed with K’s tripod and my camera. I rushed out to do some night shooting around the “city”. Drat and bother though, I was foiled by my laziness again, this time in a retroactive manner. It’s been a long time since I charged my battery. I really need a backup. As lined up an interesting little looked at shot of some back porches, I set my exposure, checked my f-stop, focused and lost all charge. Damnit!

So instead, here I sit, taking advantage of this free connection and sating the beast of bitching that writhes in my head. Ah well. Time to pull out the sketchbook and sketch and hopefully enjoy myself. So far so good. I’m looking at this in a more flattering light already. I’ll instead concentrate on faith, on fate and on the sweet smells of coffee, the chatter of my surroundings and the flavor of my steamer.

Perhaps I’ll update again in a bit.


~ by David on February 20, 2006.

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