Cartoon B.S.

So yet another day of ridiculous violence overseas due to cartoons. Many of you know about the cartoons, and may have even seen them. Though many outlets in the US are unwilling to display them. What many don’t know is that the cartoons that sparked this wave of violence overseas, were not published a week ago, not even a month ago. These cartoons originally appeared in Denmark back in September of 2005. Back then, these cartoons were not offensive enough for the muslim population of Denmark, but one radical Imam decided that he would take his issues to the rest of the Islamic world. He had learned his lesson though, the images were not offensive enough, so he added a couple of images that had nothing to do with the prophet Mohamed yet had some similarities to the other imagery. One image in particular was a photograph from a (i believe) German swine calling contest, in which a bearded man wore a pig nose mask. To compare the prophet to swine was incredibly offensive. In any case, with his newly added to portfolio, this Imam went around the world, to Iran, Syria etc. and asked the governments to help put pressure on Denmark. What we have now is the fall out. Seemingly organized groups of “protesters” destroying our embassies, buisnesses and flags throughout the streets of the Muslim world.

It’s amazing to think that something as small as a cartoon could be the final straw in strating World War III, but the truth is that this is not about a cartoon. This is about freedom. In this aspect freedom of speech. It is about intolerance. Granted, some of those images were offensive, but it is a persons right to speak or draw their opinions. It is a right inherent to humanity. You do not see me calling for blood in the street when I see horrible characterizations of the holocaust (though Iran thinks thats the way to solve this) nor do you see me threatening an intafada everytime someone blasphemes.

What this comes down to is a handful of nations, mostly ones that support the terrorist movement, are fanning the flames of hatred for Europe and the US. Some probably believe it is good for their national unity, but others believe that there will be an uprising after which the Muslim ideology will reign supreme. That they will destroy other religions and in the wake, the world will become a peaceful one. One such person is the leader of Iran. Lovely thought eh? The man trying to enrich uranium, the man who continues to threaten the obliteration of Israel, the man who says the holocaust never happened and encourages contests for the funniest holocaust cartoons, believes that the only war to peace is through a war of religions. Just Fucking Wonderful!


~ by David on February 15, 2006.

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