An OK day…

It’s been a rather OK day here. I started out tired and somewhat cranky (see political rant). I’m close to my wit's end , and visibly so according to my mother. But as the day has progressed, I have been reasonably productive and I’m shrugging off the ever present late day sore throat. I did a bit of design work for K today, and while making phone calls, worked on some figure sketches, so perhaps thats what has perked me up. Creativity seems to make me float a bit.

The challenge now is to find some sort of social outlet. A few friends that are into the same things as myself would be a boon. It’s funny how after college and before kids, your ability to find friends is relegated to work. Thus while self employed, you are sans even that opportunity. High school friends seem to have drifted away, or progressed onto the having kids stage (meaning they have at least at this point, little time for socializing), so I guess that leaves it to me to do something else. I’ve thought about getting more involved with the arts council out here, but with my schedule being chaotic I am wary to commit myself to anything.

I guess the other option is to hang out at the coffee shops and just be social. I think I may head down to Uncommon grounds again tonight and do some sketching or maybe shoot some photos downtown. Then again I feel like I’m going to collapse at the moment so who knows…

~ by David on February 15, 2006.

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