I just can't kick it…

GAH! I just cannot kick this gorram cold. I keep thinking I’m better, then I get stuffy again, my throat gets sore, my head starts pounding and my eyes feel like they are burning out of my head. I hate this. Eventually things will revert to normality though and I won’t be working 60 hours a week anymore. It was so nice to get out of the house this weekend and see people and be active. Not to mention, the food was excellent. But then again, all that excitement is probably whats run me into the ground again today.

The morning has been plagued with administrative work. I unfortunately was forced to spend a good portion of my morning on hold with various companies waiting for the eventual “I’m not really sure how this works, let me transfer you…” followed by the almost requisite hold music and click alerting me to the fact that I have YET AGAIN been disconnected. One company actually had the gaul to tell me that I should probably call back tomorrow since today is a half holiday. What in the hell is a half holiday? Can anyone tell me?

Thanks for listening to me vent. Now I am back to packing orders and baking. Perhaps some oolong tea or a nice chai will bring me round. Hopefully it will at least stop the pain when I swallow.

I’m still working on getting the pics up from this weekend. Only problem is that I can’t find my sync cord as usual. I need to staple the thing to my spleen so I can’t lose it.


~ by David on February 13, 2006.

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