TV and Pills

Well after a rough day yesterday, things are back to status quo. Got into the bakery and made muffins and cleaned. Time to make some dough here soon. Last night I watched Law & Order from a couple nights ago, God bless Tivo. It was a good episode, and it happened to tie in with a story I heard on NPR during the drive home. Both had to do with the sale and trade of medications between students for use during study.

Back in my day (wow does that make me feel old) the worst I saw was kids selling and popping no doze to cram for tests. Now back then, and to this day, I consider that to be problematic and wrong. But these days it seems that it is far more common that kids sell drugs like Ritalin and other ADD or ADHD drugs due to their stimulant effects. In law & order it was just a side part of the story, but it got me thinking more about the piece that I had heard on the way home.

The girl who wrote and narrated the story spoke nonchalantly about her first experiences with the drugs and about the casual way that they are handed out at study groups or taken before nights of partying. She even interviewed several other people with similar attitudes. Her message was that it IS a problem, but her reason for stopping disturbed me. It wasn't because it was illegal, it was because she didn't want to risk getting addicted just for good grades.

It says something in my opinion about the way that some of these children are being raised or educated. She equated it to no worse than teenage drinking. “I mean thats illegal, but everyone does it.” To say that either is ok just because many people do it tells me that her parents didn't do a good enough job of explaining and enforcing right and wrong. I hope that when we have a kid, or kids, we'll be able to instill a little more of a moral compass in them.

~ by David on February 10, 2006.

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