Project Runway Update…

Ok, I'll start by saying that if you have not seen the latest episode from 2/08/06 then stop reading now…..

Ok, so project Runway is a guilty pleasure of mine. I guess it appeals to my memories of all night art projects in college. All I can say about this weeks episode is that I can't believe it. For once over ambition lost to sheer goddamn lazyness. I know in my gut, and I have since the show started that the jerk Santino was going to end up the winner, but I was so hoping I was wrong. Nick was by far the best designer on the show, unfortunately he boffed that last challange. The sewing was indeed shoddy and the material was far too mauve for a guy, but for christs sake, Santino's was ugly, unfinished (sleeves falling off) glued on to the poor womans skin (not properly stitched on) and uncomfortable as hell for her. Santino should have been kicked off! Gah!

Perhaps it was Santinos strategy to just piss everyone off to the point that they could not concentrate this week, but I have to assume that had something to do with Nick's horrid sewing. It probably had alot to do with the “mushyness” of the fabric as well though.

Ah well, here's to hoping that Cloe or Daniel pull it off and defeat Santino.


~ by David on February 10, 2006.

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